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People Showing Us Love

Nikko Shillabeer

These are so nice you don’t even realise they actually have alcohol in (4%). I have never heard of the brand, BadWater, until recently. Would love to see these in my local Morrisons store!

Emma Crosby

Fabulous taste, texture and variety of flavours. BadWater is now my go to low sugar hard seltzer.

Joseph Hurley

A little bit of the USA in a can! Fell in love with White Claw in the US and after trying BadWater I can say they are actually nicer than WC

Julie Scope

So happy to have tried this drink. Absolutely love all 3 flavours but my favourite one is Cherries & Berries

Why Badwater
Hard seltzer?

A drink with a Wink - BadWater was created for the young and young at heart. The trendsetter, the rebel. The free spirit. The fun loving. The open minded. The kind hearted. BadWater is on a mission to give the hedonistic health conscious drinkers a seltzer that belongs to them.

Health Conscious
without missing out

Strip free from the shackles of sugary champagne, boot down the door of full-bodied beers and karate kick craft beer in the kegs. We’re the drink for people who are fans of naughtiness and good times but don’t want to burden their bodies with sugar and carbs.

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